about us & mission statement

GORILLA MARKETING & DESIGN (GM&D) has been offering services since 2007. We have found a way to combine our artistic skills, our degree in Business Marketing and our degree in Graphic Design to create what we consider to be a one-stop shop for small business owners, large companies and art lovers alike.


The company was originally named Charles Jaye Designs and was changed to Gorilla Graffix in 2008. We felt the change was needed to include the complete list of products and services we can offer. Not only was the company doing computer-aided projects but also custom pieces created by hand using pencil and paint. The addition of marketing to the company came about in 2009 and was added to offer a more complete service. The company then became what it is today......Gorilla Marketing & Design. We believe that we can help a business at any stage in its development by expanding its client-base, marketability and exposure.

about us

At GORILLA MARKETING & DESIGN (GM&D), our mission is to provide a complete and all inclusive resource for business owners. We want to help create, expand and promote all types of  businesses. Our goal is to always deliver high quality products and services at fair and reasonable prices. We also offer innovative and original artistic services to fulfill any and all personal, home and office needs. We can help companies find a competitive edge in whatever market they are in by providing marketing tools to attain potential customers and exposure.


The name, GORILLA MARKETING & DESIGN was chosen based on the old adage, "if you're gonna be a monkey, be a gorilla." As a company, this is a saying that we live by. We feel that business owners should have access to and be able to utilize all resources, options and services available to them. We will inform our customers of these resources, options and services as well as make them affordable to them. 

For the business owner, we can offer services like business plans, niche market research, logo design, company branding and website design. For the art lover, we offer services such as pencil sketches, color washes, mural painting and much more. If you can think it, we can bring it to life.

mission statement