cash payment information

** NOTE: Please contact us prior to making a payment to discuss options and cost for your project.

PAYMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED VIA PAYPAL, VENMO, CASH OR CHECK. All instructions are listed on the page of the corresponding method. Estimated costs, required deposit(s) and estimated time of production should be discussed prior to any payments being submitted to Gorilla Marketing & Design. If you have not spoken to a representative of GM&D via telephone, email or text to get this information, I suggest you do so prior to making any payment. Payment(s) should only be remitted after these estimates have been provided by Gorilla Marketing & Design.


If paying with cash, follow these instructions:


After speaking to the GM&D staff, you will receive an invoice.


1  open the email and check the invoice for errors there will be a     $5.00 fee for this option

2  contact GM&D to arrange a time and location to deliver cash

    please bring exact change

3  delivery must be made between 8am - 6pm (monday -              saturday)  

4  a receipt will be given at delivery for any/all monies received

5  you will receive a new invoice showing payment and balance     due this receipt / invoice will come via email