project rights & delivery 


By purchasing FINAL OWNERSHIP, the client will own the rights to their project. This will allow them to alter and edit their project as they see fit. All rights are released by Gorilla Marketing & Design in regards to any additions, subtractions and/or alterations to the project.

Should this not be purchased, the client can use the project ONLY in the form that it is submitted to them by Gorilla Marketing & Design. Any alterations, additions or subtractions to the project must be done by an artist of Gorilla Marketing & Design until Final Ownership is purchased. By not purchasing the Final Ownership, Gorilla Marketing & Design reserves the right to use a likeness or template of any project created without any logo or branding information owned by the customer.


final ownership information
printing, shipping & delivery information

Standard PRINTING cost is $10.00 for first print. Standard print is 11" x 17" on 80 wt. paper. Size can be adjusted to fit the project. Additional prints are $2.50 per print for standard print with same printing instructions as original project. 

Other printing options will be quoted and estimated prior to being printed to guarantee the quality and format of the printed project.

Items can be printed and SHIPPED to a location of your choice or for faster delivery, prints can be picked up directly at a FedEx Kinkos in your area. Ask about our local DELIVERY options.


** NOTE: Please contact us prior to making a payment to discuss options and cost for your project.