printing information

 PRINTING isthe art, process, or business of producing printed material by means of inked type and a 

printing press or by  similar means. It is the act of one that prints or matter that is printed. All the copies  of a publication, such as a book, that are printed at one time. Written characters not connected to one another and resembling those appearing in print.

what we offer

We use the vinyl heat transfer process when SCREEN PRINTING. With the vinyl heat transfer process, a machine is used to cut out designs and letters in pieces of colored vinyl. A heat press is then used to transfer each vinyl color of the design onto the object being printed. Allow us to put your brand on your body. 


A screen printed T-SHIRT DESIGN is an inexpensive and fun way to get your company brand in front of customers and potential clients. Let us create a design and watch the t-shirt do the work for you. We have you covered. 

A DECAL/VINYL STICKER is a peel-and-stick piece of material with adhesive backing. These can be designed with almost anything on them and can be used on car windows, football helmets or even walls of your home. Be creative and let your mind to go crazy. We can make it for you. 

** NOTE: Please contact us prior to making a payment to discuss options and cost for your project.