** NOTE: Please contact us prior to making a payment to discuss options and cost for your project.

refund policy

A deposit will be required based on the project and the estimated cost. A deposit is required before any project will begin. Most deposits are non-refundable but include a specified amount of work in regards to a draft for your project. Please, refer to the REFUND policies below prior to making any payments to Gorilla Marketing & Design. Should customer decide to proceed with the project, any additional payment(s) may be required prior to any additional work being completed. An invoice will be sent to that will include the deposit as well as any remaining balance and will be due prior to completion of the project.

full refund policy

FULL REFUND will be issued IF:

- The customer requests a refund prior to ANY work being done in regards to the potential project. If ANY work has been done in regards to the potential project, please look below for the "Partial Refund" stipulations.

partial refund policy

- Any hours spent on the project will be subtracted from the money collected at $25 per hour. All other money will be refunded within 7 days of project cancellation.


- Customer must agree to not use any ideas, drafts or work done by Gorilla Marketing & Design in future work done by another entity. All ideas, drafts and work remain the property of the artist and Gorilla Marketing & Design.  


- Gorilla Marketing & Design will refrain from using any/all personal files, logos and branding delivered by the customer for any future projects.